Considering Weaknesses as Opportunities

June 20, 2018



Looking at ourselves in the mirror honestly and realistically is often the impetus behind success! It is not easy to admit the ¨dents in our armor,¨but once we do, it is a key driver to self-improvement and ultimately success. There is no shame in being an imperfect human.

Once we realize that EVERYONE has weaknesses as highlighted in the quote above (even the greatest of leaders), we are better equipped to accept and tackle needed improvement areas. When dealing with realistically identifying and accepting our weaknesses, it is also always important to accentuate our strengths in our minds. This helps balance our internal view towards yourself.

Our strengths should always come to the forefront and we should recognize our strengths in the same way we recognize our weaknesses. Be proud of your strengths and cognizant and accepting of your weaknesses. The key is to use your strengths to your optimal advantage and let them shine brightly, while realizing and working on self-improvement in identified focus areas. In fact, let us stop calling them weaknesses, and simply refer to them as focus areas. It sounds more motivating. :)

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