May 2, 2018

Greetings All! 

Welcome to my Blog!


I thought it would be worthiest to write as my initial blog post, the summarized story of my journey, that accompanies me to this unprecedented, enlightening, exciting, and highly purposeful period in my life.


I am 55 years old, and have lived in the United States for all of those years, except since last year when I decided it was time for continuing change, and I picked up and relocated to a beautiful South American City called Cartagena in the Country of Colombia (I will discuss my motivation for moving and my experience living in a foreign country later in this writing).

I was born and raised in the New York City area, where I lived for the first 35 years of my life. I come from a family of seven children, all raised primarily by our Mom. I have learned early on in my life, what it means to be a hard working, caring, selfless person by watching the efforts of my Mother, who is and always will be my Hero (she passed away almost 5 years ago at the age of 86). 


Although my upbringing was rooted in humble financial means as my Mother had to provide for her children while earning an Administrative Assistant salary, I was more than blessed with a loving mother and family who provided me intrinsic benefits and values that cannot be quantified or measured by financial value. So although I grew up unsurrounded by wealth as defined in the financial sense of the word, I was wealthy in a much more important, beneficial, and lasting way that I am forever grateful for.


My childhood was filled with much time, sweat, joy. and tears in pursuit of my childhood dream of becoming a professional athlete.


I fell in love with the sport of Baseball at age 6 and pursued it relentlessly all the way through college playing competitively for neighborhood, high school and college teams. Although I did not fulfill my childhood dream of playing Major League Baseball, the experiences and memories hold a special place within me. 


I learned many life lessons through playing the sport competitively. I learned the virtues of teamwork, respect for coaches and teachers, camaraderie, good sportsmanship in both victory and defeat, perseverance, a ¨no-quit¨ attitude, how to handle pressure situations, leadership, and the importance of effort, dedication, and preparation. 


I took all of these life experiences and attributes that were ingrained in me during my formative years into the start of my professional business career and thereafter.These qualities became the centerpiece of my work and management style. It helped me in so many ways, particularly in being a corporate team builder and effective manager and motivator of people.

I graduated college with my first degree many moons ago. Immediately upon graduation I started my professional career working on Wall Street in New York City. New York City is often referred to as the financial mecca of the world. Wall Street is the home of the famous New York Stock Exchange.

I advanced my career in the Finance & Accounting field and after working 13 years in New York relocated to Miami, Florida, as I began getting very tired of the cold winters. Florida is known as the Sunshine State with temperatures staying warm all year round.

I continued working in the Finance field for another 17 years, until It became clear that after 30 years of working within Management Finance in Corporate America, that there was need for change! 


In addition to the realization that a career change was on the horizon, part of this personal transformation also included having an epiphany that my life was meant to be somewhere else, and it was time for a NEW BEGINNING. It was at that time that, I made the decision with my wife, to relocate our family (we have three children, ages 3, 4, and 13) to my wife's native country. Cartagena is a beautiful, culturally diverse, dynamic, historically rich coastal city in the northwest part of Colombia, nestled along the Caribbean Sea. The food is fresh, highly nutritious and delicious and the weather tropical! Fresh fish caught in the morning by local fisherman is very often on my plate accompanied by amazing coconut rice and salad that same afternoon! Pineapple, Mango, Papaya, and all kinds of other exotic fruits are also plentiful!

Change frequently is accompanied by the unknown. In my opinion change and the associated unknowns can serve as the impetus that fuels energy. This energy, in turn, creates excitement to do something creative, broaden horizons, and to work at one's optimal best!  For me, in addition to working on learning Spanish as my foreign language, I immediately immersed myself into my new career of being an on-line EFL teacher. My new perspective on all has really fuelled tremendous energy and focus in me.


This rejuvenation has allowed me to become completely passionate and EXCITED about EVERY class I teach! I do not view teaching as a job (metaphorically speaking). By contrast, it is something I wake up excited and motivated to do every day deriving much enjoyment and satisfaction from teaching and interacting with such a diversity of people, exchanging cultural information, and getting to connect with people from around the world! It is genuinely part of a lifelong learning experience for me! Lifelong learning is a key mantra I wish to impart on those lives I come in contact with.

So here I am! Wanting to continue to grow further into my new intrinsically rewarding career. The creation of my company provides me the means to control the design and delivery of all lesson content.  I believe my content style design customized to each individual student will best serve my student base. It is my mission to help students learn and improve more in the English language but also to learn some important life and business lessons along the way!

I look forward to continuing my writings related to a number of subjects that are close to my heart and embedded in my blood! Look out for my thoughts and notes on: English as a Foreign Language, Business Leadership & Career Management, Life Coaching, Exercise and Health & Wellness, and Sports Coaching.


Bye for now!





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