Michelle - Senior Manager - Public Relations - Global Pharmaceutical Company (Beijing, China) 

¨I started to learn English from Teacher Brian last year. Teacher Brian is professional and passionate. He is a natural teacher. He always listens to me patiently and prepares a lot of tailor-made content for me. Most importantly, he is very good at encouraging students. He makes me feel confident to speak English. I can see my progress after each class. I want to recommend Teacher Brian to every adult student who wants to improve oral English.¨

Wheat - Mechanical Engineer - Manufacturing  Company (Jiangxi, China)

¨Mr. Brian is a great English teacher who teaches English with interesting and humor style. He also is my good friend, because he is a man with good patience and inspiration.¨

Carol - PhD Student - Engineering (Shenyang, China)

¨I have had many lessons with Mr. Brian. The teacher is very kind and well-intentioned. He guides me to study in the process of the new learning where he does not rely on textbooks to teach. He is very knowledgeable and encouraging. I would go to Mr. Brian´s class almost everyday and share my feelings with him. He would always encourage me to move on and tell me how to do it with his own experience. When I speak, the teacher will correct my mistakes and tell me the typical expressions. He always know my weaknesses and each class was aimed at strengthening my weak  areas. In addition to learning English from him, his life-style and mentality also gave me a lot of enlightenment. In the future, I will continue to study with Mr. Brian, not only as an English teacher. but also as a life coach to me.¨

Jason - Accounting Director - Multinational Corporation (Suzhou, China)

¨I selected Mr. Brian as my teacher due to the high praise from students. When I took his class I was very impressed by it. I learned a lot from him. He is very patient and professional. Once I needed to do a presentation in English for my job, but I had never done it before. I booked his class to ask him to give me some advice. The class was scheduled for 25 minutes. He taught me on how to do the presentation in English but the time went very quickly. In order to help me with the presentation, he extended another 30 minutes to me for free to teach me very patiently. When I did the presentation for our boss, he sang a high praise of me.¨

Sherry YE - Forensics Consulting Manager - Global Consulting Firm (Shanghai, China)

¨Brian is a wise man and awesome tutor not only focusing on Business English but also business operation. When we learn English most tutors are specialized in language education who are teaching us how to say, what is the sentence structure and so on. But Brian can give you much more beside his perfect American pronunciation, localization and customized topic. It is amazing and my best experience to talk to someone who has thirty-plus year professional business career. His successful experience, his knowledge, his insight have opened my eyes which is very much important for somebody like me who needs to utilize English to do business with other countries. We learn English for communication but not examination. It will be your best choice to talk to Brian if you like me, work in English.¨

Stefanie - Quality and Regulatory Manager - Global Medical Equipment Manufacturer - (Shenzhen, China)

¨I am glad to have met Brian. His class is very interesting and makes me have the motivation to learn. It is not only the course content that he teaches, but he also provides extra tips which help me understand US culture better. I also learn so much from his sharing his business experience. I really enjoy his class and always look forward to learning from him and talking with him.¨

Crystal - Entrepreneur - Branded Manufacturer of Nutritional Supplements

¨I have taken many on-line and off-line English classes for business purposes. Joining Beckon Business English has been the most amazing journey and learning from Brian is a very fruitful experience. He is good at combining knowledge with practice, and continuously encourages students to deploy deeper on the understanding. The most attractive point for the classes is the flexibility and customization based on your personal requirements and ability. All this gives  Beckon Business English super advantages beyond others in the market.¨

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