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In 2010, I had my eyes opened to the harsh realities of how people can unjustly view a foreigner who lacks command of the English language. The misconception often made is that the person has deficient intelligence determined solely by one´s lack of mastery of the English language. That someone was my wife, whom I had just met at that time soon after she arrived in the U.S. from her native country of Colombia. Sadly, in my experience, the common perception held by many native English speakers toward people whose English speaking skills are subpar is precisely that.


Having observed this, I took it very personally and trained and coached her to ultimately being fluent in the language where she was able to secure her Medical Assistant Certification and begin and thrive in a new career as a Cardiology Medical Assistant working for a giant U.S. Hospital Corporation (HCA).

This experience moved me, so I decided that helping others become confident and fluent in the English language was a calling I wanted to fulfill. So I transitioned from my long-tenured Corporate Financial Management Career into the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. At the same time, my wife and I decided to relocate to her native country of Colombia.


I was very motivated and open to expanding my cultural horizons, having lived only in the U.S. for the first fifty years of my life. I began working for a large Chinese English Language Ed-Tech Company, where I worked with hundreds of Chinese Adult Professionals and Small Business Owners teaching Business English Communications online.

I began hearing similar frustrations from students of mine. These were non-native English speakers who worked for large English speaking based Multinational Corporations. They were experiencing high stress and frustration levels due to their inability to express themselves in the way they wanted to in meetings and conference calls with their corporate colleagues and management.


Thus they left meetings feeling defeated with lessened self-esteem and lower confidence. Another example was the case where students of mine who owned small businesses wanted to enter the U.S. market.


The insecurity often felt was low confidence in their ability to communicate effectively to gain customers. Another scenario was, Owners of small trading companies having great difficulty interfacing effectively when needed with their foreign English speaking trade partners causing frustration and inefficiency on the sides of both parties.

How can Beckon Business English & Consulting help?

Beckon Business English and Consulting will boost your confidence and ability to excel in the international work sphere. Through engaged coaching and highly practical application, we will help you absorb the advanced English fluency and professional communication skills needed to evolve into a higher-level professional in your business career.


In today's increasingly globalized world business environment, English has become the lingua franca and universal language of business. Thus, developing your English is no longer a "nice to have" add-on skill; it now needs to be an all-important piece of your complete business/career success toolkit.

Developing your English skill set is imperative for the holistic growth of your career.


Brian Corridon is the Founder and Instructional Leader of this inspiringly unique organization. He has a strong reputation in coaching entrepreneurs to success and excellence in their business communication skills as well as giving them the tools and advice to outshine the competition with the help of his seasoned business consultancy and executive coaching.


He has also helped many adult professionals achieve career advancement through Career Coaching Services. Often manifesting itself by way of his students securing new jobs in other organizations through his coaching or others getting promotions within their organizations, because of their increased corporate visibility obtained by being able to communicate at a much higher English level.

Specific and custom-designed course programs by Brian will help you to develop the required communication skills to excel in your job. After completing these courses, you will immediately feel more confident and possess a strong foundation in the language that will allow you to be better able to communicate with your international associates and partners.


The main motive of our company is to improve both your Oral and Written Business English professional communication skills where the English language is no longer an impediment to your success. We make it a key asset of yours used to separate you from your competition.


We also focus on providing blue-chip business and career consulting services. In our courses, you will experience mock meetings, presentations, teleconferences, and also learn to write attractive email and reports. Also, you will learn to use diplomatic but yet persuasive and compelling language for productive use during international meetings or teleconferences.

At Beckon Business English and Consulting, you will learn best practice business concepts/methodology and communication methods that you will use in business to advance your career. Beckon also provides consultation sessions that will help spark inspiration and enhance the potential of companies looking to grow and increase profitability.


Thirty-plus years of experience and the successful professional business career of Brian Corridon ensures that you will receive the guidance of an expert.

Through his accumulation of vast business knowledge and his experience in high-level corporate communications, negotiations, meetings and presentations while in the capacity of Corporate Financial Controller/CFO for multiple U.S. primary market (New York & Miami) based companies (including several with international operations), he is able to deliver top-quality, highly relevant, diverse, and dynamic Business English Training and SME Business Consulting.

Brian is both a Certified Teacher of Business Education and a Certified Sports Coach in the United States education system and has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (Finance & Accounting) and a 2nd Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Health Sciences (Coaching Studies). Brian holds Certifications in TEFL Advanced Level, TEFL Advanced On-line Teaching, TEFL Business English. He has also completed Accredited Life Coaching and International Business Coursework.

Contact us to learn more about our innovative and exciting programs and our serious commitment to helping you reach your English language or Business goals.  

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